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Timber Ridge Vinyl


Printed Patterned Vinyl or Clear Cast Sheet These adhesive vinyl are perfect for tumblers and more!! The Clear Cast option is transparent and will show glitter or whatever material is under the design. If you choose the printed vinyl option it will be opaque and the surface under the design will not show through the vinyl. Both materials are great for ornaments, tumblers, glass, craft projects, etc! They're also compatible with professional and craft cutters alike. Our sheets will ship with a white edge, but the print is always sized to 12" x 12". These are not not intended for walls or other painted surfaces as this is a permanent adhesive and will likely damage the material. We print all of our vinyl in-house with a large format printer using specialty inks. You can find our other printed vinyl and clear cast listings here: https://www.timberridgeclearcast.com/shop/34479610/printed-vinyl - No Sealing Needed - No Water Required to Apply - No Dry Time Before Epoxy - Waterproof - Smudge & Smear proof - DO NOT use alcohol, acetone, essential oils or any other cleaning solution on these decals.