Beach Babe Clear Cast Decal -- Beach Babe -- White Cast Decal -- Tumbler Decal

Timber Ridge Vinyl


Beach Babe Clear Cast Decal *** CLEAR CAST DECALS *** Clear Cast Decals are perfect for tumblers and more!! Any areas where you see white on the image will be clear and your tumbler will show through. Due to this feature, the clear cast are not recommended for use on dark backgrounds. - Printed on clear cast or white cast or clear glitter material using specialty inks - No Sealing Required - No Water - No Dry Time - Waterproof - Smudge & Smear proof - Apply on smooth surface and you can apply epoxy right away - DO NOT use alcohol, acetone, essential oils or any other cleaning solution on these decals. - The size listed will be either width or height depending on the image. Ex: 2.5 inches wide or 2.5 inches tall - ALL orders come with tracked shipping