Clear Cast Pen Wraps | Animal Print Teacher Life Pencil Pen Wrap | Epoxy Pen Wrap Set | Glitter Pen Decal

Timber Ridge Vinyl


Clear Cast Pen Wraps - Leopard - Cheetah - Zebra - Animal Print Pen Wraps These pen wraps are printed on clear cast vinyl using specialty ink. The wraps are sized to wrap around most pens after glitter and resin. However depending on your layers and resin/epoxy, they may NOT wrap all the way around or may need to be trimmed slightly. - No Sealing - No Water - No Dry Time - Waterproof - Smudge & Smear proof - DO NOT use alcohol, acetone, essential oils or any other cleaning solution on these decals. *Note: If you select one of the clear options, the wrap will be printed on a transparent clear cast material. Any white areas will show the surface behind it such as the glitter. If you choose the white options, the wrap will be opaque and not show the material underneath. *These images were designed by HappyfoxSupplyCo, and permission has been received to print physical products.